Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Trip to Varanga, Hebbri, Udupi

It was a short day trip after a long time. We were searching for a place to spend the Sunday evening by enjoying the natural beauty of nature. So, I asked one of my cousin, who is good at exploring the places and he suggested Varanga, which is located near to Hebri. We planned according to his suggestion along with him.

The below photos taken from Manipal Industrial area. The sky was so clear and we could see the landscape of western ghat clearly.
NIKON D3000, f/11.0, 1/320 sec., 87.0 (35mm film), 58mm (lens), ISO 200, Metering Pattern,

NIKON D3000, f/11.0, 1/320 sec., 360.0 (35mm film), 240mm (lens), ISO 200, Metering Pattern,
We started at around 3:00PM from Manipal and reached at 4:00PM to Varanga. It is about 40 KM. We need to take a turn in the Varanga and leads to a Jain Temple. There are 3 Basadis, first one is stone structure, 2nd one looks like old house and last one is Kere Basadi.

There is transport facility to go to Kere Basadi with nominal charge. The best part of this Basadi is located in the middle of a small lake. Hence, we could enjoy the boat ride as well. The lake is rich in natural beauties like fish, turtle and many more. Another important thing, which enhances the enjoyment is, after 6:00PM, it turns to be a bird sanctuary. Those birds will come back to their nest and put rounds to the Basadi, which  relaxes us from daily work pressure and makes us fresh.

It is also a best choice for kids and children to enjoy  and learn the taste of nature.